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Review: Queen of Babble Gets Hitched - Meg Cabot

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched
Queen of Babble Gets Hitched - Meg Cabot
Paperback / 319 Pages
Published by HarperCollins 2009
Lent to me by my best friend

GoodReads Review:  Big mouth. Big heart.
Big wedding. Big problems.
It's the wedding of the century!
Things are looking up at last for Lizzie Nichols. She has a career she loves in the field of her choice (wedding gown restoration), and the love of her life, Jean-Luc, has finally proposed. Life's become a dizzying whirl of wedding gown fittings—not necessarily her own—as Lizzie prepares for her dream wedding at her fiancé's château in the south of France.
But the dream soon becomes a nightmare as the best man—whom Lizzie might once have accidentally slept with . . . no, really, just slept—announces his total lack of support for the couple, a sentiment the maid of honor happens to second; Lizzie's Midwestern family can't understand why she doesn't want to have her wedding in the family backyard; her future, oh-so-proper French in-laws seem to be slowly trying to lure the groom away from medical school and back into investment banking; and Lizzie finds herself wondering if her Prince Charming really is as charming as she once believed.
Is Lizzie really ready to embrace her new role as wife and mistress of Château Mirac? Or is she destined to fall into another man's arms . . . and into the trap of becoming a Bad Girl instead?

My Review:  I love, love, love Lizzie...maybe because I am so like her.  I often find myself blurting things out that I know shouldn't be shared, and then thinking "where did that even come from!?" I read the first two books in this series earlier this year, and loved them too.  
Lizzie is an extremely likeable character, and throughout all her ups and downs I felt like I was right there with her.  She has fallen in love with Luke, whom she met in Paris the previous summer, and during the last book they have broken up and Lizzie spends some time with Luke's best friend, Chaz, who is also Lizzie's best friends ex boyfriend.  LOVE TRIANGLE!!! This is better than trashy tv!  Anyway, throughout all of this book, while Lizzie is engaged to Luke, everyone is rooting for her and Chaz.  
I also loved Ava Geck!!! How extremely hillarious!! All I could imagine was Paris Hilton becoming Lizzie's best friend and it was perfect!!
I think that the main thing I got from this book is just that you can't help who you love, and who you don't.  It is so true.  I know more often than not people will stay with their partner for reasons that just don't make sense, and you've got to stop and realize what you really want.  Lizzie is a fantastic character that I think most women can relate to.  I thought this was a witty (as always with Meg Cabot), fun read. 

Recommendation:  I would recommend this to anyone that has read Meg Cabot before, but also to those who haven't read Meg Cabot before.  Make sure that you read the first two Queen of Babble books before this one, or you might be a little confused.  This is a funny, sweet, great read!

Five Stars

Happy Reading!

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