Friday, October 22, 2010

Follow Friday (4) & A Promise!

Book Blogger Hop

Well it's that time again folks!  FOLLOW FRIDAY!  WOOT!

Follow Friday and Book Blogger Hop are weekly events hosted by Parajunkee and Crazy-for-books respectively.  I love, love, love both of these weekly events, and you should too!  Hurry over to their sites, follow them, and link your blog to these awesome events!

This weeks question comes from Becky @ Becky's Barmy Book Blog.

Where is your favorite place to read? Curled up on the sofa, in bed, in the garden?

My favorite place to read is definitely in bed!  I have my comfy pillows, my snuggly blanket, and best of all it's my dogs favorite spot too!! I do have to say that my second favorite spot to read is (when I have time that is), in the huge garden tub (with candles and wine and bubble bath!).

What's your favorite place to read?

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, due to work I've been a slacker here.  Yay for a new position, but boo for the time it is taking away from my reading/blogging.  My promise to you, my loyal readers, is that starting today I am setting aside "me" time to get a chance to get back into it all.  Please stick with me, I promise to be back in full swing by next week.

Happy Reading!  Thanks for hopping by!


Unknown said...

Oh deary, I am hopping along and you are new to the list. It is appropriate to start at the end sometimes.

I also enjoy a good soaking, with honey, milk, and a book! I do tend to read longer when the light is bright. Which is hard to come by with Steampowered lamps.

Mad Scientist

Anne@HeadFullofBooks said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You just caught me running out the door before spending the evening in Seattle. Happy Week-end.

Kelly said...

I have never read in the tub but after reading this I really want to!! I bet it's heavenly ;)

I usually just read on the sofa or recliner..

Bitsy Bling Books said...

I like to read in the tub but I always worry about getting pages wet -- then with the Kindle, well, water and tech. doesn't mix well.


Jeremy said...

I am stopping by for Follow Friday and the Blog Hop. I hope your weekend is going wonderfully.


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