Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review: The Power of Love - Elizabeth Chandler

The Power of Love (Kissed by an Angel, No. 2)

Power of Love - Elizabeth Chandler
Paperback / 240 Pages
Published by Simon Pulse - 1995

GoodReads Review: A month after his death, angel Tristan is still trying to warn Ivy of impending danger. Only after narrowly escaping death does Ivy know the truth--Tristan is with her, and angels do exist. For young adult readers, this trilogy blending celestial visitors, teen romance and suspense is a match made in heaven.

My Review:  This is the second book in the trilogy Kissed by an Angel.  I really am enjoying this trilogy so far!  Basically (because I didn't get the opportunity to review the first book), the main character, Ivy has been in a car crash with her boyfriend, Tristan.  Tristan is killed in the car accident and is now an angel.  Ivy's character is a tad annoying to the beginning she is a firm believer in angels, collecting statues and always praying to them.  After the accident she no longer believes in angels, because if angels did exist, her boyfriend would still be alive.  I can completely understand where she is coming from, but it annoys me because now Tristan is back (as an angel) and she doesn't believe any longer.  Obviously, because Tristan is a new angel he is still getting used to his powers and learning what needs to be done in order to get his "mission" completed.  Tristan is now super concerned with Ivy's safety, because he realizes that the accident was caused because the brakes had been disabled in the car.  Throughout the book, Tristan is trying to get through to Ivy and figure out who was after them, and who was responsible for the disabled breaks.  There are a lot of twists and turns that left me with questions, but I am hoping that they will be explained in the third book. 

Rating: 3 stars

Recommendation:  I recommend this trilogy to those that like YA paranormal romance.  It can be a little mushy here and there, but it is good!

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

I like the sound of this but must say I really don't like the cover.

Unknown said...

@Petty Witter -- I completely agree. The books are good, the cover -- not so much. :)

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