Saturday, October 2, 2010

2010 100+ Reading Challenge


The 2010 100+ Reading Challenge is hosted by J. Kaye over at Home Girl's Book Blog.  Obviously the challenge is to read 100+ books this year.  I know I'm late in finding this, but on January 1st this year I decided that I was going to challenge myself to read 100 books this year.  I figured I might as well join this challenge to make it "official"!

You can find the list of books that I've read thus far in the side bar, and as of right now I am a little behind.  I've read 63 books so far, with 3 months left. 

I encourage you to stop by J. Kaye's Book Blog and join not only this challenge, but the other challenges that she is hosting as well.  I am going to go see what other challenges she has up right now, and see if any of them are ones I would like to participate in as well.

Happy Reading!


Teresa said...

Good for you. I wasn't nearly as ambitious as you last January. My goal was to read 50 books in 2010. I did actually surpass that and am now shooting for 75. I'll likely surpass that as well since I'm currently sitting at 64. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Actually, J. Kaye (me) is no longer owner of this blog. A new person took over ownership and is hosting the challenges. Best of luck...this is a fun challenge. :)

Unknown said...

Teresa - It is funny because I know that I read pretty quickly, but I don't know that I took life into account when I decided 100. Like I said, I didn't know about the challenge in January, but I'm still gonna keep trying for 100, if not -- there's always next year! :) Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your goal -- with only 11 books left I think you will make it!!

J. Kaye - I'm so sorry, I must not have seen that part on the blog -- I do appreciate the update, and letting me know so that other followers won't get confused -- do you have another blog now, or are you retiring?

Happy Reading,

Kathy Habel said...

I've passed the 100 book mark about mid year. My goal is 240 this year.

Anonymous said...

BrandiHeather - Yes, it's a writing blog. If you click on my name, it will carry you to the link. I started it so I could break the book blogging habit. In 2011, I plan on being blog-free though. The 365 Days of Novel Writing will remain up, but I won't publish new posts.

It's been a great writing year, but I'm betting next year will be better.


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