Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Could It Be...OCD?

My birthday was yesterday and my boyfriend got me a new red bookshelf for my birthday!
I already have one (in the other corner) that was STUFFED with books, so I've decided to get my books completely organized.  Now, I will admit that I am already bordering on neurotic when it comes to my bookshelf, so adding a whole second one (which was needed) threw me for a loop!  I couldn't decide which books "deserved" to be on the new bookshelf, and which ones didn't. 

I finally settled on having a bookshelf dedicated to the books that I've read, while the other bookshelf will be dedicated to the book that are on the TBR list.  So, now my books are all organized and ready to go.  I've ordered the "read" bookshelf a little differently than my TBR bookshelf, and we will have to see if I can let my OCD go enough to be okay with it.  

Since I tend to either donate, or give books away to friends/family when I am done with them, there aren't a whole lot of books that I've kept.  I couldn't get rid of any of my Jodi Picoult or James Patterson books, and I decided that they each will get their own little section instead of being in alphabetical order with the rest of the books.  The James Patterson books took up most of the last shelf, making it so I had to give him a second shelf!  I devoted that shelf to the Women's Murder Club series, because it was --- well, the best.

I am working on getting the TBR bookshelf put back together, but it is proving to be more of a challenge.  I've got a few ideas on how I want to organize it, but nothing is looking perfect yet...so we will see.  I will update to let you know what I decide.

How do you organize your books?  Do you keep all of the books that you've read, or do you share them with others?  

Happy Reading!


brandileigh2003 said...

I don't keep too many. I either lend out, giveaway or sell at used book store.

I would be happy to do a guest post for you, just let me know when and a topic (if you like).

Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

Unknown said...

brandileigh - how does the used bookstore near you work? there is one close to me, but it's like 25 cents per book, and I would rather give them to the library or a friend/family member.

Anything you would like to post on would be great. I don't like to limit you to anything. If there is a review you would like to do, or a post on something relating to reading, that would be great!

Lesa said...

My books are stacked every which way-- they used to be organized. Maybe a good fall project?

I keep books but finally started giving a few paperbacks away to readers or to the library.

Love that red bookcase-- piggy on the bottom is too cute!

Unknown said...

Lesa - that would be a good fall project! :)

I got the bookcase at Ikea -- it's a "billy bookcase".

Thanks for stopping by!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

just what we need, I love your new shelves.

Anonymous said...

I bought myself an electronic reader, and solved my problem of too-stuffed shelves.


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