Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end" - Semisonic

Can you believe that we are just a few days away from 2011?  It seems so crazy, but I feel like 2010 FLEW by.  There were plenty of ups and downs throughout the year, but overall I think it was a successful and happy year.  I'm hoping for a fantastic 2011 filled with tons of reading, blogging and spending time with friends and family!

Let's recap on the highlights of 2010:

Obviously, number one on the list of awesomness of 2010 is starting this blog!  It seriously has been the best thing in the world for me.  I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes with ideas on what to blog about next, or what book I should read/review next.  It is crazy.  This blog has helped me to meet some great new people as well!  I hope you are enjoying reading my blog as much as I am enjoying writing it!

Sterling Lake Slideshow
My parents purchased a house in Florida!!  They moved down there a few years back to be closer to my mom's side of the family, and have been hoping to build their dream house ever since.  Well, everything is finally done, and they are all settled in their brand new, custom made house!  It is gorgeous, and I cannot wait to head down there to see it all!  (I think my favorite part is that two of the walls in the house are RED!)

I got a whole bunch of new responsibilities at work, and I'm loving it!  I am now helping to train all of the new people on our staff!  I love the interaction with them, and I love the challenge of learning about each person.  I'm starting to get lots of new ideas about how to train and I'm hoping to start implementing my ideas in 2011!

2011 has some promising things on the horizon.  I'm extremely excited to continue working on my blog!  For 2010 my goal was to read 100 books -- I'm still not sure that I'm going to make it (only how many hours left?  So many books, so little time!)  I can't be upset that I haven't reached my goal, because life happens.  There were plenty of times that I would have rather been reading, but I had to take care of my other responsibilities. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just read all day and never have to worry about anything else?  
Well, I'm aiming for 100 books this coming year, and hopefully I will be more prepared this year.  I've got the support and motivation from my blog, so I'm hoping that will help.  I've also got enough books to last me until the next century, but who's counting...
I've also decided that this year I want to set realistic resolutions that I actually have a chance of keeping.  Year after year my resolution is just like everyone else's -- lose weight.  Now we all know that I never stick to it and I don't end up with that and by the end of the year instead of a six pack of abs I've got a six pack of beer.

1. Family/Friends
As I'm sure you've probably figured out, my family and friends are the most important things to me.  In 2010, I let a lot of things get in the way of spending the time I should have with everyone.  I am going to make sure to set aside time for my family and friends this year, even if that means not reading that one book that I just can't put down.

2. Me Time
In the same breath, I want to make sure that I set aside me time.  I'm always rushing around to help everyone else, and I need to just stop, step back and take a minute to myself.  I'm not going to be extremely selfish about it or anything, I'm just hoping to get 20-30 minutes a day for just me.  Whether I spend that reading, painting or just staring at the will be ME time.

3. STOP Stressing
I tend to spend more time stressing over things than I do trying to resolve them.  This year, I'm going to keep with my bosses new mantra "Keep it moving".  I love that!  So instead of fretting over everything I will realize that things happen, and I just need to keep it moving!

4. Leave the work AT work
I tend to bring a lot of my work home with me.  I don't mean physical things that I have to do (because I can't change that).  I mean events that occurred throughout the day, etc.  Instead of bringing it home, as soon as I am done with my shift I will be done with it, and I will start fresh the next day.

5. Get Creative
I am such a creative person.  I love painting, jewelry making, really just anything artsy.  Along with making time for my family/friends and myself...I need to make time to be creative.  I miss painting, and I really want to get back into it.

I'm really hoping that I can stick to these this year -- I tried to set realistic goals because I have a much better chance of actually keeping these.  Do you have any resolutions for 2011?

Happy Reading!

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