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Review: Bossypants by Tina Fey

BossypantsPublished: March 17, 2011
Publisher: Reagan Arthur Books
Format: E-book
Source: Amazon
Challenge: 2011 E-book Challenge 100 Books in a Year

"Tina Fey's new book Bossypants is short, messy, and impossibly funny (an apt description of the comedian herself).  From her humble roots growing up in Pennsylvania to her days doing amateur improv in Chicago to her early sketches on Saturday Night Live, Fey gives us a fascinating glimpse behind the curtain of modern comedy with equal doses of wit, candor, and self-deprecation.  Some of the funnies chapters feature the differences between male and female comedy writers ("men urinate in cups"), her cruise ship honeymoon ("it's very Poseidon Adventure") and advice about breast feeding ("I had an obligation to my child to pretend to try").  But the chaos of Fey's life is best detailed when she's dividing her efforts equally between rehearsing her Sarah Palin impression, trying to get Oprah to appear on 30 Rock, and planning her daughter's Peter Pan-themed birthday party.  Bossypants gets to the heart of why Tina Fey remains universally adored: she embodies the hectic, too-many-things-to-juggle lifestyle we all have, but instead of complaining about it, she can just laugh it off." - Kevin Nguyen

First Sentence
"Welcome Friend, 
Congratulations on your purchase of this American-made genuine book.  Each component of this book was selected to provide you with maximum book performance, whatever your reading needs may be."

My Thoughts
I absolutely adore Tina Fey -- she's just all around awesome!  I was so excited when this came out, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  There were so many fantastically funny quotes and many times that I just wished I could be more like Tina.  I was a little disappointed however, I expected it to be a lot funnier.  Not that it wasn't funny -- it was -- or parts of it were...I just expected a lot of quick one-liners.  It was definitely a quick and light read, which is great, and it definitely had a ton of funny parts...but overall I felt like there was something lacking.  
The front cover cracks me up!  I'm hoping those are Alec Baldwin's arms...

Favorite Quotes
"Some people say 'Never let them see you cry.'  I say, if you're so mad you could just cry, then cry.  It terrifies everyone."

"Two peanuts were walking down the street and one was a salted."

"Because I am nothing if not an amazing businesswoman, I researched what kind of content makes for bestselling books.  It turns out the answer is "one-night stands", drug addictions and recipes."

"Now every girl is expected to have: 
  • Caucasian blue eyes
  • full Spanish lips
  • a classic button nose
  • hairless Asian skin with a California tan
  • a Jamaican dance hall ass
  • long Swedish legs
  • small Japanese feet
  • the abs of a lesbian gym owner
  • the hips of a nine-year-old boy
  • the arms of Michelle Obama
  • and doll tits
The person closest to actually achieving this look is Kim Kardashian, who, as we know, was made by Russian scientists trying to sabotage our athletes.  Everyone else is struggling."

"Gay people don't actually try to convert people.  That's Jehovah's Witnesses you're thinking of."

"I'll be ready for it to happen and that way it won't happen.  It's a burden, being able to control situations with my hyper-vigilance, but it's my lot in life."

"I was a little excited but mostly blorft.  'Blorft' is an adjective I just made up that means 'Completely overwhelmed but proceeding as if everything is fine and reacting to the stress with the torpor of a possum.'  I have been blorft every day for the past seven years."

"A pedophile walks through the woods with a child.  The child says, 'These woods are scary.'  The pedophile says, 'Tell me about it.  I have to walk back through here alone.'"

"Lesson learned?  When people say, 'You really, really must" do something, it means you don't really have to.  No one ever says, 'You really, really must deliver the baby during labor.'  When it's true, it doesn't need to be said."

"One of the best-kept secrets of 'country life' is that people accidentally crush their own pets a lot."

"I learned quickly that trying to force Country Folk to love the Big City is like telling your gay cousin, 'You just haven't met the right girl yet.'  They just don't like big cities.  It's okay.  It's natural.  They were born that way."

My Ratings
Cover: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Writing Style: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Ending: 3/5
Overall: 4.2

Happy Reading! 

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