Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold (Finished 3/7)

The Lovely BonesSo, I am pretty excited because this movie came out recently, and the previews looked really good.  I am a total skeptic when it comes to movies that are based on a recent best seller (My Sister's Keeper...Dear John...need I say more???), but this looks GOOD.

So, we meet the main character Susie Salmon, when she is already in heaven.  She has disappeared mysteriously, and her father is determined to figure out what happened to his little girl.  Susie gives us all the horrible details of her death, from the moment she began walking into the field, until she knew she was dead.  Her neighbor (a complete creep--obviously), has built this underground room, where he takes Susie.  In the underground room, he rapes and kills Susie, and dismembers her.  He is careful to not leave any evidence (not even the underground room), so he is not really looked at as a suspect.  

After a few months, the police recover one of Susie's bones, and that gives some closure to the Salmon's.  Susie's father is convinced that the neighbor is responsible for Susie's death, and puts a lot of time and energy into proving this.  Susie watches from "the inbetween" as her family struggles with her death, and the fact that they might never know who actually committed this horrendous crime.  

Susie's sister even gets involved in proving that the neighbor was responsible, and breaks into his house to find proof.  She finds a journal that he writes/draws in...which has a drawing of the underground room he created.  Once the neighbor catches wind that he is being suspected he flees.  

The reader finds out just how creepy this guy is -- a serial killer of young girls (ugh...).  Susie finally gets her revenge near the end when she kills her killer. 

Great read! Four out of Five Stars!!!

Happy Reading!

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