Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Innocent - Harlan Coben (Finished 3/5)

The InnocentOkay, so of course, to typical Harlan Coben style, this book was filled with twists and turns I never expected.  You would think that after reading a few of his books, I would realize nothing is as it seems....but alas....you got me Harlan! 

So, the main character, Matt has recently been let out of jail.  When he was in college he tried to break up a fight between his friend and another college student.  He was a little stronger than he thought, and maybe a little too forceful which resulted in a broken skull, and a dead college student.  Matt has to do hard time in a maximum security prison, and like they say, when he comes out he isn't the same man he was when he went in. 

Matt decides that he wants to start fresh again, so he ends up falling in love and marrying a woman that he had met several years earlier in Vegas.  Matt and his wife have just found out that they are expecting, so they decide to get camera phones so they can always be in touch, and send each other pictures throughout the day.  Olivia, Matt's wife, has to go out of town the day after the camera phones are purchased.  Matt receives a picture message from Olivia's phone.  The picture is of a strange man that Matt doesn't recognize.  After receiving the picture message, Matt receives a video message.  The video is of Olivia (in a blonde wig) and the same man from the picture message.  The two are in a hotel room, and Matt instantly thinks that Olivia is cheating on him. (Why would she cheat on him and send him proof???) 

Matt ends up finding out that it is much worse than his wife just cheating on him.  In Olivia's "past life" she was a stripper in Las Vegas (where Matt originally met her).  She was young, and had a daughter and put her up for adoption.  After having the child, Olivia realizes that this isn't the life that she wanted for herself.  Her pimp/manager is abusive, and treats all the women poorly (not that this is surprising...).  Olivia fakes her own death, and gets out of town.  No one knows (not even her best friend, that was a stripper with her).  

With many twists and turns, Olivia finds herself back in Las Vegas in search of her daughter.  The whole thing is a set up, in order to get back some black mailing videos that her manager/pimp had created way back in the day.  Olivia almost winds up dead, to find out that she has been set up by her best friend.  

Honestly, this was a great read.  It was quick, suspenseful and kept me on my toes.  

Four out of five stars!

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