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P.S. I Love You - Cecelia Ahern - Finished Feb. 1, 2010

PS, I Love You

"Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling. A soul mate is one who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you forever, no matter what. They say that nothing lasts forever, but I am a firm believer in the fact that for some, love lives on even after we're gone."

P.S. I HATE THIS BOOK. OMG.  I somehow managed to struggle through this, and finish, but whoa was that a struggle.  (So, just a quick side note -- I don't know where I heard this, so I could be completely incorrect, but someone told me that Cecelia's father is the prime minister somewhere -- someone should let her know that doesn't make her a good writer.  More power to her for trying, but FAIL.)  

So, let's be honest for a minute, I think that the book had a lot of potential.  I mean the story line is great. What really turned me off, was how long and drawn out the book was.  I felt like it could have been much shorter, and still gotten the point across.

Holly is the main character, and in the beginning of the book, her husband Gerry passes away from a tumor.  Before he gets sick, he jokes around with Holly saying things like "I don't know what you are going to do with out me".  He is constantly joking around with her about the things that she will forget once he is gone, so he decides that he is going to write down everything for her. 

Once Gerry passes, Holly falls into a deep depression.  Her mother calls her one day to check on her one day, and lets her know that there is a package waiting for her at their house.  When Holly opens the package, there are envelopes inside with months written on each of them.  Gerry has written her letters for each month, for a year.  (By the way, I think that is really sweet, but I also think it deters Holly from getting over the fact that her husband died, and moving on with her life.)  

Again, like I said, I thought this book had a lot of potential.  In the letters Gerry is urging Holly to do things that she never would have done, like Karaoke, and a trip to Europe.  Once the letters stop coming, Holly falls back into her depression, but she finally comes out of it, when she realizes she has fallen in love.

If the book was shortened, it would get a few more stars, but alas:  1 out of 5 stars.

Happy Reading!


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