Thursday, March 25, 2010

I, Alex Cross - James Patterson - Jan 2010

Okay, so let me start by telling you -- I might be the biggest James Patterson fan...EVER.   Okay, probably not, but honestly...LOVE HIM! :)

So of course, it goes without saying, I enjoyed this book! I find that James Patterson's books are written in a way that makes them easy to read, and quite quick.  I think that is mostly due to the way the chapters are cut up.  There are a ton of chapters, but each chapter only has one or two pages. 

Alex Cross is a detective, with 3 small children.  His grandmother (Nana Mama) stays with the children, while he is out solving crazy crimes!  Nana Mama falls ill, and has 2 heart attacks, and Alex promises to better balance his work and his home life.  while Alex is celebrating with his family, he receives a phone call that his niece has been killed.  The killer has put his niece through a wood chipper and stuffed her remains into a garbage bag, and then threw it into the back of a car. Of course, Alex has to take on the case.  He ends up finding out that his niece (that he wasn't close with) was a high-end prostitute.  There is a large farm, which is used for the high end prostitution.  The man that runs the farm has cameras set up in his largest rooms, in hopes of using the footage for blackmail.  Zues (the killer), has requested two girls, however, once they go in, they don't come back.  The video reveals that one of the girls that went in was Alex's niece, and the other one was later found.  Finally, the second girl reveals that the killer, Zues, is actually the President of the United States' husband. ((EEW/EEK)). When Alex and the police go to arrest the President's husband, his aide ends up shooting him to make sure to somewhat control the scandal.  Nana Mama is feeling better, and has been taken care of by Alex's new love -- Brianna.  During the epilogue, Alex is contacted by Kyle Craig (basically an old colleauge that is now in prison because he's totally whacked out), warning him to be careful of Brianna....

Five out of Five Stars!

Happy Reading!

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