Thursday, March 25, 2010

Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz - Jan 2010

Slow. Very slow. Way too drawn out.

Anyway, Odd Thomas, the main character is a 20 year old short order cook.  He is able to see the dead, but not communicate with them.  Odd is often using his "ability" to help out the local police to solve crimes.  While at work one day, a mysterious man comes in with a hearty appetite.  He orders pretty much everything on the menu, and Odd nicknames him "Fungus Man".  Odd is not only able to see dead people, he also see what he calls "Bodachs".  Basically Bodach's are like shadows that are often surrounding people/places where something bad is going to happen.  Fungus man is surrounded with Bodachs, and not just a few, more than Odd has ever seen.  Partially curious, and partially worried, Odd follows his inner "GPS" to find this mans house.  Once he arrives, he finds a room that is full of Bodachs.  As he gets closer and closer, he finds that it is like a tunnel, as he enters, and walks to the end of the room, he is basically spit back out to the beginning again (huh??).  Terrified, Odd believes that this is some sort of portal to hell.  When the Bodachs clear out, Odd finds that the dark room is actually Fungus Man's home office.  He finds pictures of serial killers on the walls, and a small filling cabinet.  In the filling cabinet, Fungus Man has a ton of files, all with newspaper clippings and research about serial killers.  Obviously, this freaks Odd out, and with a little more searching he finds out what Fungus Man's real name is.  After finding that out, he goes back to the filling cabinet and sees a file with Fungus Man's name on it.  Unlike the other files, this one doesn't have clippings, or any other research.  It only holds a page ripped out of a day-planner, with the next day's date on it.  Odd realizes that this means only one thing -- in the next 24 hours, something terrible is going to happen.  Odd is lead to the mall, where there is a ton of bloodshed.  Odd is shot, but not before he unleashes his own furry, and kills a bunch of the "baddies".  Once he is released from the hospital, he goes back to his apartment, and spends a wonderful week with the love of his life, Stormy, only to later find out that Stormy was actually killed in the bloodshed at the mall. (boo. what in the heck?).  

It was kind of hard to relate to Odd.  Being young myself, there were a lot of things I just didn't agree with.  He didn't seem believable, and most of the time he just seemed crazy (which I guess was the point...).  This was the first book in a series, so I am sure I will read the rest of the books, however I am not rushing to read them. 

2 out of 5 stars.

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