Monday, September 27, 2010

Bargain Books!

I've mentioned in previous posts that I am quite the bargain shopper.  I love my Kindle to death, however, it just isn't economical for me to buy books on the Kindle at the rate that I read.  Well, my good friend told me about an AMAZING thing...and I thought I would share with you all, and let you know what books I got!

A couple of months ago, we went through her bookshelf and got rid of all the books that she no longer wanted.  I took some of them, and the rest were to be donated to the library.  She's a busy girl, so it's been a while, but she finally took the books to the library this past weekend.  When she carried her box of books in, she noticed that there was a book sale going on.  Now the libraries around here do that a lot (I guess as a fundraiser --although at the prices, I'm not sure that they are making a whole lot of money -- but who knows).  I had been to the one at the Sandy Springs library a few years back, and had a ball.  At the Sandy Springs library there was an entire room just filled with paper backs, hardbacks and books on tape.  It was incredible.  I walked into a mecca of books!

Well my friends, at the Dunwoody library this weekend, you could go and fill up a bag of books (one of the paper bags from the grocery store) and pay $6 for the whole bag.  Don't act surprised---I filled up two bags!  I spent a total of $12 on 34 books! A few of the books were for my friend...but here are the ones I kept.

Point of Origin (Scarpetta)Cruel and Unusual: A Kay Scarpetta NovelKilling Kelly (MIRA)Goodnight Nobody: A NovelAtonement: A NovelTrading UpThe Summer I Dared: A NovelStrip TeaseStone KissDivine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood: A NovelStillwatchDaddy's Little Girl  Snow in JulyKiss the Girls: A Novel by the Author of the Bestselling Along Came a SpiderCloud NineBridget Jones's DiaryHideawayEggshell DaysAll That Lives: A Novel of the Bell WitchThe Hazards of Good Breeding: A NovelThe Household Guide to Dying: A Novel About LifeBetwixtThe Year of Fog (Bantam Discovery)Turning TablesThe Second Coming of Lucy Hatch

I mean -- SERIOUSLY!?  I will be set for at least 6 months?  That's not including all the books on my TBR shelf...which in case you were wondering there are 90.  Just sayin.

While I was at the book sale, one of the ladies I spoke with told me about a website that is dedicated to letting people know when and where there were book sales.  Check this out -- Book Sale Finder.  You go in and type in the state you are looking for a book sale for and they will list ones that are at libraries, non-profit organizations -- anywhere! 

Obviously, I won't be needing to go to another book sale for quite a while, and honestly I should probably consider having one of my own...

Another thing that I heard that upset me was about the budget cuts that are going on.  In DeKalb County (not my county, so I'm not sure how Fulton's budget cuts went), they cut the budget from almost 2 million dollars down to 200k.  Are you kidding me?  How are these libraries supposed to fill their shelves?  Are they going to have to start making people pay to check out books.  Honestly, I am appalled.  Last year they cut a lot of things out of the budget in the school systems (like physical education and music programs), and now this?  What is going to happen to our children?  I know there probably isn't a whole lot that I can do about this, but it sickens me that children are going to be growing up in a world without books. 

Where do you find that you buy books most often?  Do you go to bookstores?  Do you just check books out from the library?  If the library decided to charge a membership fee for renting out books, would you still go?

Happy Reading!


Danielle Zappavigna said...

Wow what a great haul! This week I went to a Save The Children fundraising book sale, $10 a box - so awesome :-) I tend to buy my books from second hand bookshops, charity shops and occasionally treat myself to brand new books from the normal bookshops. I like secondhand shopping, it feels like finding treasures when I get good ones :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks you so much for for this site. I am fortunate enough to have a second hand bookstore run by our local library. It is a perpetual book-sale and they even have sales with further discounts. I live in Damariscotta Maine. Was glad to see book sales listed in Maine too. When I can't find what I want or want something specific I buy from the internet. I found a useful new tool called the Bargain Book Mole. You can download a free add on to your web browser (firefox and IE). It searches all the major book sites for the lowest prices and returns the results in one place. 5% of profits go to non-profit groups supporting literacy and eco causes. For me it is great to save money and have choices. Anyone else used this? Happy reading and thanks again.

Unknown said...

I completely agree mummazappa! I love getting digging through the books that are at these sales, or at the thrift shop, and finding something awesome hiding in there!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Unknown said...


I'm so glad you were able to use that site! When I heard about it, I was so excited! I knew I had to tell everyone!!! :) That Bargain Book Mole tool is AWESOME!

Thanks for stopping by, keep reading!

Lesa said...

Amazing haul!!

I've always been a library girl so rarely buy new books unless they are discounted. I love book fairs and thrift stores for book bargain- I usually post my finds too. Off to check out Bargain Mole and the booksale finder.

Oh yes, I think I would be willing to pay an annual fee to use the library.


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