Saturday, February 12, 2011

ARC Review: Toys by James Patterson

Release Date: 3/14/11
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 364
SourceHachette Book Group
Challenge100 Books in a Year & Mystery & Suspense Reading Challenge

Move over James Bond - you've just met your match!

Hays Baker and his wife Lizbeth possess super human strength, exceptional intelligence, stunning looks, a sex life to die for, and two beautiful children.  Of course they do -- they're Elites, endowed at birth with the most advanced genetic enhancements available.  Elites are the pinnacle of evolution; the triumph of man's ambitions.

The only problem in their perfect world -- are the humans!

And their toys!

Now comes the most unbelievable shock of Hays Baker's life.  Suddenly he's on the other side of the gun, experiencing a life he'd never dreamed possible - and fighting to save humans everywhere from extinction.

Not only that, Hays and Lizbeth just might lose their perfect family.

James Patterson's Toys is a thriller on a hyper plane -- with a hero to rival both Bond and Jason Bourne.
First Sentence
"I will not forget this moment for as long as I live, which, in truth, might not be that long anyway."

My Thoughts
I'm a HUGE James Patterson fan, so as soon as I saw this in the box from Hachette Books I freaked out!  Anyway, I was pretty skeptical of this book at first.  James Patterson is known for his murder mystery books,  so that is what I was expecting.  When I read the back of the book, I really thought that Patterson had stepped out of his element, and I just couldn't see this working.  Was I ever wrong!  This book has the same fluid and wonderful writing style you will see in all of Patterson's other books, and the characters are just as well developed and easy to love.  

I had been hesitant when I picked up Sam's Letters to Jennifer and Sunday's at Tiffany's as well, because those were more romantic type books.  Patterson didn't disappoint in those two books, and certainly didn't in this one either!  I was hooked from the first sentence, and it just got better from there. 

I love Patterson's Alex Cross novels, and Michael Bennett novels, and I'm hoping that this can be another series staring Hays Baker.  I'm not really sure how that would be possible...but I would love it!

I love when you are reading a book and halfway through you think you've completely figured everything out, and then BAM, you've been wrong the whole time!  This is a DEFINITE must read for Patterson fans!

Likes: That Patterson stepped out of his comfort zone with this one.
Dislikes:  It doesn't really seem like this book can be the start to a series.
Favorite Character: Hays
Least Favorite Character: Jax
Cover: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Plot: 5/5
Ending: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Happy Reading!

Disclosure - I received an Advanced Review Copy of this book from the publisher.  This in no way affected my review.


Shonda said...

Like you, I heart JP too! I remember when I went to my first book signing of his. When it was my turn to get my book signed, he paused and said, "I really like your name." I almost fainted on the spot! I wanted to shout: JAMES PATTERSON LIKES MY NAME!! But I managed a polite thank you and told him the story behind it. It's an experience I will NEVER forget. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading Toys. Glad to hear it's a bit different than his usual suspense books. I should receive my review copy any day now and I can't wait to start reading it. Great review.

Jon said...

I haven't read any James Patterson in a long time. May have to get back into the habit.
The Steel Bookshelf

Cath said...

I have all of James Patterson's early books and enjoy them enough to re-visit them every now and again, but I only managed the first three chapters of this before I had to leave it. I thought it was the most awful drivel I've ever read. The characters are barely cardboard cutouts - more like comic-book creatures - she's beautiful, brilliant, and can fight the baddies in her evening dress and high heels and he, of course, is her perfect match.

Anonymous said...

I have just wasted 6 hours of my life that I will never get back. So hard to say this about my favourite author

Jeremy Hunter said...

Love James Patterson and love every one of his books (except Breakfast at Tiffany's), but this was poorly written. It seemed as though he rushed through too quickly to develop any emotional connection to the characters. The section (or should I say paragraph) where Hays found out that his world had basically turned upside down, was glossed over to the point where it was almost comical. I've read Toys, 10th Judgement and Tick Tock in the past three week's and I'm glad the other two were brilliant because this one left me grossly unsatisfied!!

Goldenbear said...

I have been a big JP fan over the years, but this drivel takes the biscuit. Written in the style of a juvenile Matthew Reilly, it really does insult the intelligence.

Having said that, there are some extremely good sci-fi concepts in this book, but the manner of delivery is chronically poor.

3/10 can do better.

Anonymous said...

Agree entirely with those who said this book is a huge disappointment for JP fans and waste of reading time. I, too, wanted to stop after three chapters but, as a fast reader, decided to plod on. I continued to be disappointed to the end.

This novel mocks its arguably valid theme of abuse of science and government. Luckily for me, I borrowed it from my local library. I will encourage them not to purchase extra copies.

Anonymous said...

I have just read Toys and must say this is the worst Kames Patterson I have read. Did he read his ghost writers script? dont waste your time in reading this its awful!

Ace David said...

Bought this book at the airport as it had loads of loud advertising, what a mistake, a child could have written better. Will never buy anything from this author again. It was my first purchase of a book in years a real disappointment.


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